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BLOK C-7 NO.19 RT.05, RW.023




Jalan Padasuka ( Saung Ujo )

Arah Terminal Cicaheum BANDUNG

Kel. Cimenyan Kec,Cimenyan Rt.04 Rw.04 No.154



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kami merupakan perusahaan kontraktor interior sekaligus konsultan desain interior yang berpengalaman mengerjakan project desain interior rumah tingal , desain interior kantor , desain interior apartemen , Outlet , Klinik, Kafe, Restaurant, Tempat2 Usaha dan lainya di Daerah Bandung , Jakarta , Bogor , bekasi , Jogjakarta , kota garut dan banyak lagi daerah lainya di indonesia, dengan banyak nya pengalaman kami dan banyaknya yang dapat kami kerjakan , kami yakin:


We are interior designer base in Bandung / Jakarta , Indonesia , that provide interior design services for residential and commercial buildings.


It is a commonly accepted fact that everyone desires a completely stylish living space. Interior design is important as it makes our home look nicer and raises the value also.


Our home’s interior should not only be beautiful and pleasing but also practical. Thus we, as interior designers, apply both creative and technical solutions to obtain beautiful and comfortable spaces.


We can also help you take the most and best use of the available space. We helps you to make your home more livable and get your home to look exactly the way you want.
We represent the interior design profession in Indonesia.


Our interior design company vision is to develop a sophisticated society of Indonesia who are conscious and grateful of the creative world of interior design. To achieve this purpose, we conduct various programs throughout the year to educate, promote and foster better ties between the public and professional members alike.


Our job is working with clients to create aesthetic rooms and spaces. Customers range from homeowners to large corporations. The spaces and rooms interior designers create are equally varied, ranging from simple indoor and outdoor home spaces to hotel lobbies and lavish mansions. No matter the size, we work to provide spaces that are absorbing and beautiful yet functional. Spaces must also be safe while fulfilling the specific needs of the client.


Commercial and residential interior design
We as an interior designer Malaysia company can also create commercial interior design. Commercial interior design plays an extremely significant role to the entire outlook of your shop, or outlets. We provide customers with unmatched creativity and quality services of interior design and build.


We offer a complete range of services for both commercial and residential intentions, covering the range of interior design, project management, build and creative services. With the wide network of reliable panels within our industry, our company controls the principal costs without dedication on interior appearance features.


We are interior designers base in indonesia , Jakarta , as a group of interior designers we can also provide detail drawings for submission to shopping mall management to get the work approval and work permission, here is some of the 2D detail drawings that we can provide:

  1. Floor Plan (Scale 1:100) – Showing the interior layout of the premises as well as the types of materials used and finishes, etc.
  2. Reflected Ceiling Plan (Scale 1:100) – Showing the location, height and types of all existing and proposed fixtures and installations, etc.
  3. Elevation & Sectional Drawing Plans (Scale 1:100) – Showing the concept & design, interior & exterior and the frontage of the premises. Also indicate the method of assembling and fixing, types of material used and finishes, etc.
  4. Electrical Plan – Showing the connected electrical loads (single line diagram).
  5. Lighting Plan –Showing the lighting layout plan with description of light bulbs and leveling.
  6. Material Board – To submit samples of actual materials used for the fitting-out or photographs for purchased furniture.
  7. Signboard & Signage Details (Scale 1:100) – Showing the elevation and sectional details, style and font size of letterings, size and colours of the signage, materials used and methods of installation and illumination, etc.
  8. Perspectives – Showing interior layout & 3D shop front concept design.
  9. Fitting-out Schedule – To provide a timeline for the fitting-out works.

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